Models with Activation and Inhibition

Birgit Schönfisch presented an investigation of different models with activation and inhibition and discussed the different parameters in these models. Her models are all asynchronous. Here I present a synchronous version, where each cell is updated only with probability 0.1, which leads to results which seem to be almost identical to the asynchronous model in this case. The first model is described in CDL in the file schoen.cdl, and here the parameters are 2 for the activation threshold and 2 for the inhibition threshold.

A similar model can also be programmed for the hexagonal case. In this case the CA is programmed in Java in the file , and the activation threshold is 2 (out of 6 cells) and the inhibition threshold is 4 (out of 6 more cells). The neighborhood consists of the 12 nearest neighbors of a cell (called generalized vonNeumann neighborhood in the JCASim system).

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